About Me


Ever since a local space camp excursion and model rocketry obsession as a child, I’ve been enamored by the wonder of the night sky. In 2011 purchased my first telescope, a 10″ Dobsonian, and a year later, in August of 2012 I took my first long-exposure deep space object photo (Messier 13 – the Hercules globular cluster) using a home-built equatorial platform and that same Dobsonian telescope.

That was the beginning.

Since then, I’ve worked with deep-sky objects (DSO), lunar and planetary astrophotography, wide-field and landscape photography, daytime and night sky time lapse, and I am still learning.

IMG_2246In 2013, my passion led me to the love of my life, Tanja Schmitz (http://AstroTanja.com), and to move to Johannesburg, South Africa. Together we travel to find dark skies in both hemispheres and work to share the enormity of space as we see it through our cameras and telescopes.

Interested in using a photo or contacting me? Send email to: cory@astroshake.com


Our Gear


  • Celestron CGEM-DX
  • Celestron AdvancedVX
  • Celestron CG-5 ASGT


  • Officina Stellare HiperAPO 105
  • Orion 8″ Newtonian Astrograph
  • Vixen ED80sf 80mm APO


  • 2x 50mm f/5 finder guiders
  • Orion SSAG cameras

  • QSI 683WS-8 mono CCD
  • Ha, OIII, SII, LRGB filters
  • Canon 5DmkIII
  • Canon 5DmkII
  • Canon 60Da
  • Canon 550D, Baader IR modded by Gary Honis


  • Guiding: Stark Labs PhD
  • Acquisition: BackyardEOS, Sequence Generator Pro, The SkyX, Nebulosity
  • Pre/Post Processing: PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom, LR Timelapse, StarStax

A demo video of some of our work